Discovering a beautiful Sevilla silhouette

April 25, 2012 James Miller No comments

Taking your time exploring a city can be a great pleasure. When a lot of people arrive at a destination, they can often leave before experiencing the place they came to see.

Why bother spending vast amounts of your savings to not enjoy the holiday you have taken? It really hits a nerve with me when I see a person frantically taking photos as if they are swinging a cat, before they rush away to the next place leaving behind a cloudy outline of themselves where they were once standing.

When someone asks them what they saw on their wonderful holiday, they would say that they saw a lot and they have the photos to show for it. I disagree. They saw a lot of their camera’s viewfinder, not the destination.

What I love, is when you see someone with a camera in hand at the ready, but patiently waiting for something special to photograph, not just anything that looks like it should be. These patient photographers are waiting for that special moment that makes the photo pop. It is a moment you have to wait for. It will present itself when it is ready, not when YOU want it to.

I’m all for taking photos on holiday. I take thousands. But most of the photographs I take are mis-shots because I’m not that good of a photographer. Over the years, I have progressively improved and hope that when the time comes to upgrade finally to a full featured DSLR, that my passion for photography will come through the lens.

In 2011, Katie & yours truly spent a beautiful hot summer day exploring the Spanish city of Sevilla on bicycles. After our mandatory siesta, we continued exploring the city on foot, taking in the amazing architecture until we stopped at the market stalls in Plaza Nueva and then there it was. That special moment. The building ahead was in perfect silhouette from the setting afternoon sun and asking for its photo to be taken.

We were in no rush to go anywhere other than explore the markets, but if we didn’t take our time, I would have otherwise missed this photo opportunity.

A beautiful Sevilla silhouette

A relaxing day and a Sevilla silhouette made for a day to remember. How holidays should be. Taken by James Miller in May, 2011.

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