My favourite meal – The Chicken Parmigiana

April 24, 2012 James Miller No comments

The first time I ever had one, I fell in love. Where had you been all my life? Why are you kept secret from the world. Who would have thought two meats are better than one.

Okay okay. I am getting a little carried away here. But if you haven’t eaten a chicken parmigiana, you don’t know what you are missing out on. Succulent chicken breast, covered in napoli sauce, a slice of fresh ham on top and finished with enough mozzarella & parmesan to encase the beast of deliciousness.

The Australian version of the chicken parmigiana is probably the best thing that has ever come out of South Australia, where it is known as a “Parmi”, but it is Melbourne that has claimed it as its own. In Melbourne, the “Parma” is the English equivalent to fish & chips, and if you order anything else other than a parma at a pub you will be frowned upon.

There are websites dedicated to finding the best parma. Appreciation groups who meet weekly to enjoy their guilty pleasure. And every Melbourne household has its own secret (usually a grandmother’s) recipe for the ultimate parma.

For me personally, nothing beats a sunny sunday afternoon in the beer garden at the local pub with mates and a fresh Chicken Parmigiana.

An Australian favourite - The Chicken Parmigiana

The Australian version of the Chicken Parmigiana. Taken by James Miller in October, 2009.

What is your favourite local dish? Do you miss it when you travel? Let me know in the comments


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